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Rituporna sizzles in new movie

RITUPORNA2The Kolkata heroine Rituporna can sacrifice any thing, yes anything, for turning a movie successful. Acting in so-close scene is like daily responsibility to her as she did it many times before.

She has been a damn popular heroine for her natural acting, however criticism became her part and parcel when she got involved in nude scene. Now she uncovers herself for the new movie ‘Mayamridongo’.

A good number of Indian media report that Raja Sen is directing the movie to delineate the lifestyle of folk music artist described in a novel of same title by Sayed Mustafa Siraj. The folk artists are bohemian who wander here and there while they compose songs. Besides music, personal wrath, desire, fondness and obviously the sex become their companion.

The life of folk artists is portrayed in ‘Mayamridongo’.

Ritu’s co-artists in this movie are Paoli Dam, Devshankar Haldar, Debesh Roy Chowdhury, Goutam Haldar and many others.


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