RMG workers violence continues for second day

Readymade garments sector is the top export product of Bangladesh. This RGM sector also plays an important role in earning foreign exchange. But working condition has always been a concern; there is a long history of labor movement for higher wages and better facilities. The factory owners always argue that they can’t do more in this very competitive world market.

Violence in Ashulia is the latest case of violent movement. There are many export oriented garments factories in Ashulia. On Saturday there was a rumor that a worker Salman is killed by the factory owners. This rumor triggered the latest violent movement. At least 100 people including 10 security personnel were injured and a worker died when some workers were chased by the security personnel and the worker was killed by a bus.

This violent protest continued for second day yesterday. About 100 factories suspended their production. Later police produced Salman and more security personnel including Rapid action battalion and Armed police battalion were deployed.

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