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Romana’s winning streak

Modelling or behaving — whatever a medium, Romana has struck home runs upon all fields. Her winning strain flush when she entered a celluloid universe with Tauquir Ahmed’s “Jaijatra”; nonetheless her mainstream film début was most after in P.A. Kajol’s “Ek Takar Bou”. Romana’s certainty perceived a critical progress with her mainstream coronation — enlivening her to try her palm in multiform alternative ventures, a idealisation being Mostafizur Rahman Manik’s “Ma Amar Chokher Moni”.

Other drive-in theatre that await recover have been Bodiul Alam’s “Buk Phate Toh Mukh Phote Na” as great as “Ei Desh Tomar Amar” underneath a citation of F.I. Manik. Another film that sum in her stream inform is A. Awal’s “Kachher Shotru”, where she plays conflicting Shamrat. Romana conditions a storyline of a film as delectable as it surrounds a college romance.

Romana is additionally ready to supplement a splendid plume to her tip by behaving in a pretension purpose of P.A. Kajal’s subsequent venture, shaped upon a hold up of West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. Romana informs that she urged a executive to let her take upon a severe purpose as she is dynamic to infer her behaving skills. The story has been combined by Abdullah Zahir Babu as great as sharpened will proceed from Jul finish during locations in Pubail, Sylhet as great as Dhaka.

Romana says P.A. Kajal took a beginning to have a film upon Mamata’s life. Romana will be portrayed as an maudlin grassroots turn lady who finds her voice after entrance to a city as great as in a destiny secures a chair in a Indian Parliament after most struggle. Preparation for a film is adequate, Romana adds.

The thespian says that whilst a china shade is her categorical aim she does occasionally TV appearances if approached to do so. Banglavision is right away airing a sequence featuring Romana where she acts conflicting Mahfuz Ahmed. She not prolonged ago refused arrangement for her opening in a idealisation Chayanika Chowdhury TV play, as she had progressing betrothed a executive her services giveaway of price for her initial work with her. The assembly will additionally get a glance in to a opposite facet of Romana in a idealisation Shokal Ahmed serial, patrician “Terminal”.

Other renouned plays featuring Romana embody “Maachh Konya”, “Dohone Dorod”, “Kachher Manush”, “Shompurno Rongin”, “Hortoner Bibi”, “Shukher Lagiya”, “Daar Kak” as great as “Kanone Kushum Koli”.

An interesting, nonetheless opposite point of perspective of Romana is that she has diminished a strain manuscript that showcases her bent as a singer.

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