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Rumana won’t see, ever

Rumana Manzur is never starting to see again.

Eye-surgeons of Vancouver General Hospital, Canada unsuccessful to revive the visual haughtiness in her right eye upon Friday whilst idea for the left eye was already shattered.

A group of 6 eye-surgeons as great as multiform alternative eye-experts conducted an hour-long operation upon her right eye as great as attempted in each probable approach to have it the success. But they failed, Rumana’s cousin Rashed Maqsood quoted her father Manzur Hossain as saying.

Rumana, the clergyman of Dhaka University ubiquitous department, underwent an additional unsuccessful operation for her left eye during the sanatorium upon Tuesday.

Also the postgraduate tyro of University of British Columbia in Canada, she got her eyes shop-worn in the heartless conflict by her father Hasan Sayeed Sumon upon Jun 5.

After eye-experts in Bangladesh as great as India could not find heal for her eyes, she was taken to Vancouver upon Jul 5.

“Rumana as great as her relatives right divided have the mental breakdown,” pronounced Maqsood, the landowner by profession. “We were anticipating opposite hope. When the operation upon the left eye failed, we wished most appropriate for the right eye.”

Doctors after the operation had told Rumana’s father which the conflict was calculative, pronounced Maqsood quoting Manzur, who accompanied Rumana to Canada.

Before withdrawal the country, Rumana told this compare which she could not consider for once which she would not be means to see her usually daughter Anushey again.

She was forgetful of completing her investigate in UBC as great as returning to her classroom in DU after removing her eyesight back.

Arrested upon Jun 15, Sumon, who pushed his fingers in to her eyes, is right divided during the during the behind of of bars.

In the meantime, Rumana has appealed prior to the family justice to take her five-year-old daughter to Canada as great as sealed writings to divorce her husband.

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