Sales girls are doing well at Dhaka International Trade Fair

salesgirlIt is believed that smart and good looking female models are more effective than their male counterparts. It may be true for sales personnel also. Sales girls are proven more effective in Dhaka International Trade Fair (DITF).

Many companies including Ifad, Starship, Igloo, Sony, Kazi Farms, have recruited young women to sell their products this year. More than two hundred sales girls are working at this year’s fair. Most of them are private university students. Some are recruited directly by the company for the fair only and some are provided by event management firms. Successful girls will be recruited permanently by the company.

Intelligence, Smartness, fairness is required to become a successful salesgirl. Before starting the work they are trained by the company management for three to four days. Their salary is fifteen to twenty thousand taka and there is a provision of special incentive considering the performance.

Company officials say, girls are more efficient than boys and they are more sincere.

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