Saudi Arabia suspends Umrah and tourism visa to prevent Coronavirus epidemic

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Hundreds of thousands of Muslims visit Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to visit Mecca and Medina which are two of the holiest sites according to Islamic faith. Besides the peak in Hajj pilgrimage days, thousands of people visit Saudi Arabia throughout the year to perform Umrah. In recent days Saudi Arabia has also been trying to boost their tourism industry. But recent coronavirus epidemic is changing the scenario.
In an unprecedented move the Saudi Kingdom has now suspended foreigner’s entry for Umrah and tourism. Saudi officials have said, this ban is temporary and will be lifted soon. But when neighboring countries like Iran is also affected, no one knows when the ban will be lifted.
Recent epidemic has already infected 80,000 people in more than 40 countries and killed more than 2,700 lives. Presently there is no medicine to treat this highly infectious disease. But with proper care and supportive drugs, most people survive.

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