School run by Australian charity vanishes overnight

School run by Australian charity vanishes overnight

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Local and school sources said, Fred Hyde, founder of the Australian citizen and charity Cooperation in Development (CO-ID), built a school in Modho Aicha village of Ward 8 of Charminika Union Council under South Aicha police station in Char Fasson Upazila in 1992. established. The charity CO-ID also built schools in remote areas of Bhola and all are functioning smoothly except for the school in Modho Aicha.

After the incident, CO-ID Auditor (School Inspector) MN Alamgir has registered a case against four people and three unknown people at South Achia police station. In this case, Baseer Ullah Miya was made the main accused.

This reporter contacted Basir Ullah Miya, former chairman of the school management committee, on mobile phone. He said that he did not know who removed the structure of the school. A case has been registered against them and they will seek bail in the court. Such cases are often registered, he said and then hung up the phone.

As per the case statement and details of the CO-ID officials, the school was functioning smoothly since its inception till 2003, but due to non-cooperation of the land owner, the school was shut down. Later, the local people realized the need for a school and appealed to the CO-ID to open another school and also agreed to donate land for a new school.

At that time, Mohammad Bashir Ullah Miya of Moddo Char Aicha and his mother Fatema Khatoon donated 24 decimals of land each, totaling 48 decimals, and the school resumed operations in 2006. Since then, the school authorities have been paying tax out of 48 decimals of land, but they got ownership of only 24 decimals of land donated by Fatema Khatoon, while the school management committee chairman and land donor, Bashir Ullah Miya, got the remaining 24 decimals of land. never handed over

When the government introduced the nationalization scheme of non-government schools in 2013, Bashir Ullah Miya, chairman of the school management committee, established the “Purba Char Aicha Idea Non-Government Primary School”, which exists only on paper. He made his son the headmaster of this school and started enrolling students in January this year. After that, he ordered the CO-ID officers to leave the corrugated tin-roofed house of the old school. According to the case statement, in a sequel to the previous incidents, the accused destroyed the school house, broke the school furniture and shifted the debris to another place.

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