School students to get auto-promotion this year

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The Bangladesh government has decided not to arrange annual examinations in schools this year. This decision was announced from an online press conference yesterday. The education minister has said, students will be promoted to the next level automatically. But a thirty-day short syllabus will be made for students. They have to complete four assignments in four weeks. These assignments will not have any effect on promotion. This is only to assess student’s weaknesses so that teachers can pay attention on that area in the upcoming year.

The education minister has warned that schools can’t arrange further exams or assessment programs for students. Assignments will be delivered online and students or guardians can submit those online or physically.

Schools and other educational institutes are being closed since 17th March this year when the Covid-19 pandemic was beginning to start in this part of the world. Neighboring countries including India are still going through a deep crisis. But official data in Bangladesh shows the country is slowly coming out of the pandemic, though there is a fear of a second wave during the winter.

The last time Bangladeshi school students got auto-promotion was in 1971. Schools were closed during the war of independence. In 1972 when the newly formed Bangladesh government tookover, education experts advised to consider 1971 as a national loss. But the Bangladesh government decided to go for auto-promotion for school students. So students were promoted to the next level without any annual examination.

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