Schoolboy killed by an additional boy, schoolteacher by his colleague

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A schoolboy was killed in Savar by an additional child as well as accomplices upon Sunday whilst a schoolteacher was murdered in Chapai-nawabganj by an additional clergyman as well as his organisation upon a prior day.

A schoolboy was killed by an additional child as well as his organisation over during few make a difference a Savar Adhor Chandra High School margin upon Sunday, reports JU correspondent.

Victim Sabuj Hossen, 15, was a category 10 tyro of commercial operation administration department organisation during Mohammad Yaqub Ali High School underneath Tetuljhora kinship in Savar. Sabuj was a son of Nurul Islam of Shovapur area.

Witnesses said, Sabuj went to a propagandize belligerent to see a cricket compare in in in between Tetuljhora High School as well as Mohammad Yaqub Ali High School.

Minutes prior to a commencement of a match, a bicycle of an additional child strike Sabuj.

As Sabuj fell to a belligerent they sealed in a quarrel. At a stage, Sabuj slapped a bicycle rider.

As a supplement to a incident, a child with 8-10 accomplices after exceedingly kick up Sabuj. He perceived a vicious conduct damage as well as a boys fled a scene.

Sabuj was rushed during Savar Enam Medical College Hospital in a vicious condition. He was sent to Dhaka Metropolitan Hospital where a on-duty alloy spoken him dead.

Contacted, Md Asaduzzaman, military military officer in-charge during Savar Model PS, pronounced military were perplexing to brand a culprits during a back of a killing.

A attempted attempted murder box has been filed with a PS, he added.

In Chapainawabganj, a schoolteacher was killed allegedly by an additional clergyman as well as his organisation during Namojogonnathpur encampment of Shibgonj upazila upon Saturday.

The plant was identified as Abul Kashem, 55, an partner clergyman of Char Jogonnathpur Registered Primary School in Durlovpur kinship underneath a upazila, reports a correspondent.

Sub Inspector Shahidul Islam of Shibgonj military hire said, Abul Kashem was returning to his propagandize from Fielder Hat during Namojogonnathpur encampment during around 6:45pm. All of a sudden, an additional clergyman of a school, Shahjahan Ali, along with 10-15 others pounded him, kick him up severely as well as after strangled him by a maffler.

There was a dispute in in in between Abul Kashem as well as Shahjahan Ali over a post of headmaster of a school, locals said.

Receiving information, military went to a mark as well as recovered a physique from a grained mustard margin upon Sunday sunrise as well as sent it to Sadar Hospital morgue for autopsy.

Victim’s hermit Setabuddin filed a attempted attempted murder box opposite Shahjahan Ali as well as 10 declared as well as 5 unnamed people with Shibgonj military station.

Shajahan Ali as well as his accomplices went in to stealing after a incident.

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