Shakib says ‘sorry’ to fans

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A singular improved during a hands of West Indies saw an surprising gesticulate entrance from a Bangladesh skipper Shakib Al Hasan: he apologised to a fans.

Blaming bad batting for a degrading defeat, Shakib told a press after Friday’s match, “West Indies played well. Our bad batting was during a during a behind of of a defeat,” a Bangladesh skipper told.

He sought reparation from a fans as great as a viewers for a abrasive defeat.

“We had a devise to bat initial as great as lift up a sum of 250 runs for West Indies to chase, nonetheless it didn’t happen. The customarily great thing for us this time was winning a toss.”

Shakib, however, shrugged off a idea which a vigour of as great most of expectations brought them down. “Expectations have no propinquity with a defeat. We know how to hoop pressure. you cruise it was customarily not a day for us.”

He suspicion which a Tigers’ goal to have it to a quarterfinals had not nonetheless been shattered. “Our chances have been still there…I know it has turn most harder… But you haven’t mislaid a hope.”

“We’ll be equates to to fool around in a quarterfinals if you can win dual matches out of a subsequent three,” he said.

Shakib pronounced a organisation done most mistakes opposite West Indies nonetheless they would scold them in a compare opposite England.

Claiming which his team’s batting was not weak, Shakib betrothed their most appropriate in a arriving match.

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