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Sneaky cameras for your smartphone

Whether to show your best friend the cute guy sitting across the desk or take a quick snap of a pretty dress, us girls have wanted a spy camera to our phones forever. These don’t fall quite under NSA-level invasion.

Even after the controversies of Google Glass, recently, two fully funded crowdsourced projects have proved that the humble iPhone can be just as secretive for sneaky snaps. The gadgets, called COVR Photo and the Peek-I, are both shipping soon, and both make taking a photo on your iPhone without your subject noticing a breeze.

COVR Photo is an iPhone camera case developed in part by award-winning photojournalist Thomas Hurst. The case, made for the iPhone 5 and 5s, features a “periscoping lens.” That means you can position the phone flat in your hand to candidly snap pictures without interrupting “the uniqueness of what is unfolding before you,” as Hurst explains on the device’s Kickstarter page.

Basically, you can appear to be looking at the screen on your phone while actually snapping a photo of the person or object directly in front of you.

The COVR case positions itself as a gadget for candid family photography. The Peek-I spy cam, a competing iPhone attachment that also succeeded on a crowdfunding site recently, makes no such heartwarming claims.


Peek-I is a smaller device than the COVR Photo, but it’s already garnered well more pledge money than its goal. The makers were looking for $1,000 in funding. So far, they’ve received almost $30K.

Rather than being built into a case, the Peek-I lens simply attaches magnetically around the smartphone’s rear camera. And not only can Peek-I shoot dead ahead with the phone lying naturally in your hand, but it can also aim to the sides of your phone, which is extra sneaky.

Regardless of the amount of money pledged to these “spy cam” projects, backlash awaits if they become popular. Let’s hope the early buyers of each will err on the side of privacy consideration before using it irresponsibly.

Courtesy: Yahoo! Tech

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