Suchitra Sen movie fest to be hold during Pabna

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A weeklong movie legal holiday featuring drive-in theatre of legendry Indian actress Suchitra Sen starts during her hearth in Pabna upon 10 January. A sum of 7 drive-in theatre showcasing Suchitra Sen will be screened during a legal holiday which concludes upon seventeen January.
Arranged by Suchitra Sen Smriti Sanrakkhan Parishad (SSSSP), a legal holiday will be inaugurated by eminent movie singer Faruk whilst Information and Cultural Affairs Minister Abul Kalam Azad will beauty a eventuality as arch guest.
Presided over by Saydul Haque Chunnu, boss of SSSSP, a initial eventuality of a legal holiday will additionally be attended, in between others, by internal MP Golam Faruk Prince, Deputy Commissioner Mostafizur Rahaman, producer Shohani Hossain, movie actors Prabir Mitra as well as Anowara.
An shining Indian singer Suchitra Sen, often well known for her drive-in theatre in which she interconnected with Uttam Kumar an additional fable in a story of Bengali cinema.
Debuted in Shesh Kothaay in 1952, Suchitra Sen towered to a culmination of celebrity with drive-in theatre similar to Sharey Chuattor, Devdas, Deep Jweley Jai, Saat Paake Bandha as well as Aandhi, in between many others.
Since a pregnancy in 2009, SSSSP has been organising such movie festivals to keep Suchitra’s mental recall alive. The organization additionally final a notable relic to be built in mental recall of Suchitra Sen in Pabna.
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