Sugar traders instead of Tangail

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Two traders were arrested Monday in the Tangail with a huge amount of sugar, which they bought from the trading Corporation in Bangladesh have.

They were to take Mymensingh were illegally sell at prices higher than they were allowed by the Government of a truck, said police.

The arrested were Shankar Saha and his nephew, Santosh Saha, with the truck and was placed in Nagarpur police station.

The Nagarpur the police said that they contain sugar in the morning with 150 bags, the two men to Bottola crossing at the Nagarpur Upazila arrested around 50 kg.

‘ As with the TCB as a sugar trader from Nagarpur Upazila, you supposedly to sell on the open market within this Upazila at prices that were entered laid down, by the Government, “said Nagarpur police officer-in-charge Mohammad.” Rabiul Islam.

In the truck of the sugar, the bags of wheat covered chaff, bags, he said.

The two men are intended, that were for sale, OC said, quoting the arrested in the remote areas of Mymensingh at a much higher price.

The brand was the sugar bags pure of city group in Narayanganj produced.

The local population complained that Shankar Saha and Santosh Saha made illegal the big profits for long sale of sugar and fertilizer.

They were registered with Bangladesh Chemical Industries Corporation as a fertiliser trader in the Upazila.

A case was filed.


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