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Sunday again bails out MSC

Dhaka Mohammedan Sporting Club took honeyed punish of their initial spin improved when they captivated Sheikh Russell Krira Chakra 1-0 to lift their slim hopes of staying in a pretension competition in a Grameenphone Bangladesh League upon Friday. Sunday Chizoba, who sanctified Mohammedan after his partisan in a mid-window scoring twelve goals, together with dual hat-tricks in his 9 matches to benefit Mohammedan  win 4 matches as good as 4 draws (in a second leg), scored a all-important idea in a compare to down Russell.
On a alternative hand, Russell, who bounced during a back of strongly during a mid of a second spin to be a singular of a tip 4 pretension aspirants as good as afterwards went a singular step down after losing a prior to compare opposite Sheikh Jamal Dhanmondi Club, had slim hopes to stay in a race, during slightest in a runners-up quarrel yet were forsaken out from a tip dual competition after this defeat.
However, a compare due off with a good gait with Russell initiating a initial pierce whilst their left winger Eduard’s bony bid went good over a cranky club upon a 24th minute.
Mohammedan, who got a sole idea of a compare gave a pointy reply with Victor edged past a defender to recover a by pass for upon rushing Sunday, a Nigerian brazen breached a off side trap to open a post as good as sent a turn in to a net past a some-more advanced goalkeeper Mamun Khan (1-0).
Inspired by Sunday’s goal, Mohammedan kept a up transformation as good as were really tie to a mount in a domain yet it was simply sick predestine for them not to have a idea when Shari’s dilemma shot deflected a defender as good as Bayebeck’s try upon which kick a goalkeeper yet defender Bappi usually done a goal-line save upon a 44th.minute.
Mohammedan, who could win usually 4 matches as good as conceded 6 defeats as good as drew a singular in a initial leg of a league, additionally began a second half with a sure proceed as good as were closer to mount in a worth yet a giveaway header of Anwar upon a Sunday cranky narrowly longed for a cranky square upon a 60th.
Russell, who done a late reaction, were about to spin a domain when they constructed dual unbroken chances yet their striker Eduard marred a initial a singular when he was as good late to take a shot in to a post carrying a good turn from Moro Mohammed, as a maestro defender privileged it timely upon a 62nd.
It was a easiest event so distant for Russell to have a sum 1-1 yet Mohammedan protector Titumir Titu brilliantly denied dual unbroken tie operation efforts from Raju upon a 76th minute.
After a win Mohammedan had a indicate sum of twenty-nine from twenty matches to endorse their fifth place as good as from as most matches, Russell remained upon 38.

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