Supreme Court website hacked

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The official website of the Supreme Court was hacked yesterday.

Information technology experts of the court, however, recovered it around 8:00pm.

Following the hacking, the webpage read “Oops…You Got Hacked” with rap music playing in the background.

The hackers on the webpage identified themselves as “Bangladeshis Underground Hacker” and “3xp1r3 Cyber Army”.

An official of the SC said that at some point in the morning, the website was found to be hacked. The exact time when the website came under attack could not be known.

The attackers left a message on the page, which said it was necessary to hack the site as cyber war is on its peak and the site was quite insecure. “Some other hackers are trying to hack Bangladeshi websites and delete all the data.”

The message, however, assured that none of the data of the website was deleted following the hacking.

In the message, the hackers also tried to draw attention of journalists, writers and persons connected to the press. It said journalists, writers and media persons have more responsibility towards the country.

“People trust you, believe in you and follow you, whatever you write or whatever you show is taken as truth. With the power of pen and cameras you can do what a normal Bangladeshi can’t do. So, we request you, save this Bangladesh before evil powers take the control of it. Be honest … .Don’t mislead people.”

The message also called upon the people to wake up for the sake of their motherland and stop supporting the corrupt politicians. It read that it is the politicians who have already done the maximum damage to Bangladesh.

The hackers also posted several cartoon-type pictures on the site.

While contacted, Registrar of the Supreme Court AKM Shamsul Islam said, “The website was okay yesterday [Thursday]. Probably, it came under attack in the morning today [Friday],” adding that there was no sensitive or important data available on the site before the hacking.

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