Sylhet city: Lakhs are being extorted from cargo trucks

Sylhet city: Lakhs are being extorted from cargo trucks

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No wholesaler or retailer is untouched by this extortion. Tk 2,000 to 5,000 is charged from each vehicle depending on the quantity of luggage.

This correspondent has spoken to ten businessmen who were victims of extortion. They alleged that they were forced to pay extortion money while traveling with trucks loaded with goods. However, they did not want to reveal their names out of fear.

Apart from him, five other traders and six local residents have also confirmed the allegation of extortion from cargo trucks. He complained that those demanding extortion were posing as Chhatra League leaders and workers at the time of extortion.

He believes that it is impossible for an extortion gang to be so active on the outskirts of the city without the grace of the police. Some people also hinted at police involvement in this matter.

Mohammad Zakir Hussain Khan, police commissioner in Sylhet, told Prothom Alo about the allegation, “I have recently joined Sylhet. I have received information about extortion from traders. Police are trying to arrest the people involved in the kidnapping of a truck loaded with goods recently. Besides, the police have also tightened security arrangements so that no one can extort money from anyone at the entry gates of the city.

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