Bangladesh ties with Beijing, Moscow don’t affect US-BD ties: State Department official

Bangladesh released its IPO last month envisioning a free, open, peaceful, secure and inclusive Indo-Pacific region, indicating its alignment with Dhaka’s manifesto IPS, which is being pursued by the US in the region. Is. The State Department official’s comments come months after US Ambassador to Dhaka Peter Haas said that Washington does not force countries […]

The world’s bat lands are under attack, risking seeding a new pandemic. Where is here

Governments in West Africa have laws requiring environmental impact studies before approving large development projects. But no one requires developers and local officials to consider the risk of spillover, let alone change their plans considering the potential for deadly outbreaks. A growing number of advisors are urging governments to take outbreak risk into account. The […]

G7 finance chiefs move to diversify supply chains

They stressed the need to strengthen financial stability after the recent banking sector turmoil, adding that their governments “stand ready to take appropriate action”. Three regional US banks have collapsed since early March, sparking panic among customers and causing turmoil in stocks of mid-sized institutions. Pledging to “address data, supervisory and regulatory gaps in the […]

Canada expels Chinese diplomat accused of targeting MP

Canada on Monday expelled Toronto-based Chinese diplomat Zhao Wei after an intelligence report accused him of trying to target a Canadian lawmaker who criticized China’s treatment of the Uighur Muslim minority. Canadian Foreign Minister Melanie Jolie said on Monday, “We will not tolerate foreign interference of any kind.” The expulsion escalates already strained Sino-Canadian relations […]

China, Bangladesh should support each other on important issues and say ‘no’ to outside interference: Chinese ambassador

Eight mega projects such as the Padma Bridge Railway Link Project in Bangladesh will be completed and put to use. Sharing the results of the high-level visits in 2016 and 2019, the ambassador said that construction of the Rajshahi Surface Water Treatment Plant project would also begin and cooperation under the BRI would deepen. Talking […]

Myanmar’s sovereignty should be respected: China

He said the international community should respect Myanmar’s sovereignty and play a constructive role in helping achieve peace and reconciliation. Myanmar has been rocked by violence since the coup as pro-democracy activists have taken up arms, with ethnic minority forces fighting for self-determination in some places, to battle a well-equipped army. Attempts by Myanmar’s Southeast […]