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Gas cylinder of a night coach exploded, Thirty five injured

A CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) run night coach caught fire when its gas cylinder was exploded. This accident took place on Monday at Palashbari near the BRAC office on Rangpur – Bogra highway. It was around 9:00 pm. The driver lost control after the explosion and it hit a road side tree. The bus is […]

CNG stations dangling for 6 hours from today

The supervision has revised a gas rationing report as good as settled which from Wednesday, a CNG stations would be dangling for 6 hours, from 3 pm to 9 pm instead of a benefaction 3 pm to 6 pm. Besides, gas supply to a manure factories from Titas Gas Distribution Company Ltd would additionally be […]

Fuel price hikes to fuel inflation

There was a ‘double surprise’ from the government this week. First, all of a sudden, it raised the fuel prices by a big margin that included petrol, octane, diesel and furnace oil. Secondly, it enhanced compressed natural gas (CNG) price by Tk 5.0 per unit. With CNG price-hike, the government also enhanced transport fares in […]

‘More buses needed in the capital’, says speakers in a roundtable.

Private cars uses most of the road space in the capital but only five percent people uses private cars in the capital. Moreover the private cars enjoy subsidized Compress natural Gas (CNG) when the country is facing serious gas shortage. Sufferers know very well that how long one have to wait to get a bus […]

Seven people injured in a CNG vehicle cylinder explosion.

According to the safety directives of the authority, we should keep distance while refueling CNG vehicle. But yesterday’s accident took place when it was running, not refueling. Among the seven injured, six are passengers and one is the driver himself, among them three are siblings. They suffered serious burn in the explosion and taken to […]

New CNG fare from today

New rate of fare for the four-stroke CNG-run auto-rickshaw comes into effect from today. The lowest fare has been set at Tk 25. According to the revised fare, commuters will have to pay Tk 25 instead of current Tk 14 for the first two kilometres (km). Also, the charge for each subsequent km will be […]