Investigators end MH17 downing probe despite “signs” Putin was involved

International prosecutors said Wednesday they have found “strong indications” that Russian President Vladimir Putin approved Ukraine’s use of the Russian missile system that shot down Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 (MH17) over eastern Ukraine in 2014. However, he said that the evidence implicating Putin and other Russian officials was not conclusive enough to warrant a criminal […]

Biden says Putin trying to find ‘oxygen’ with ceasefire offer

Asked about the proposed ceasefire, Biden told reporters at the White House: “I’m reluctant to respond to anything Putin says. I find it interesting that he’s using 25 and New York to bomb hospitals and nurseries and churches.” were ready.” year. I mean, I think he’s trying to find some oxygen.” Russia’s ambassador to Washington, […]

Putin ordered ceasefire in Ukraine over Orthodox Christmas: Kremlin

Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered a ceasefire in Ukraine on Orthodox Christmas, the Kremlin said on Thursday. The Kremlin said that Russian troops would have to cease fire for 36 hours from 12 noon on 6 January. Many Orthodox Christians, including those living in Russia and Ukraine, celebrate Christmas on January 6–7. Moscow’s Patriarch […]

Russian politician launches legal challenge over Putin’s reference to Ukraine ‘war’

Opposition politician Ilya Yashin was jailed for 8-1/2 years this month for spreading “misinformation” about the military. In July another local councillor, Aleksey Gorynov, was sentenced to seven years in prison for criticizing the invasion. Yuferev said he had previously drawn the authorities’ attention to the use of the word “war” by other prominent figures, […]