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Monica Bellucci officially the oldest ‘new’ bond girl

Bond fever is back. The 16-second-teaser has left the fans wanting for more. The 50-year-old actress Monica Bellucci is all set to become the oldest ever Bond girl who will appear as Lucia Sciarra in the new film Spectre. She was present among the other cast members at the photocall for 24th Bond film Spectre […]

Charlie Sheen sued for sexual assault

Actor Charlie Sheen has been sued for sexual assault, battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress by his dental technician Margarita Palestino. The technician has claimed that the “Anger Management” star jumped out of the dental chair, pulled his nitrous oxide mask off and grabbed her breast. The lawsuit stems from an alleged incident during […]

This is how peers influence young adults’ sexual habits

If you want to know if your growing kid is learning healthy sexual habits, check on his college friends. According to significant research, awareness about how peers can affect young adults’ sexual behaviours is important for parents, teachers and healthcare professionals who want to stimulate adolescents’ responsible and healthy sexual decision making. “Adolescents who think […]

Halal sex shop!

Sex shop or adult stores are common in the western countries. Adult customers can buy various products like vibrator, lubricant, etc from there. But sex is to some extent taboo in the east. Especially the Muslim culture prohibits unnatural sexual behavior. Turkey is a secular country but majority of its citizens are Muslim. Haluk Murat […]

Sex addiction really exists

A recent study by University of California, Los Angeles suggests that sex addiction is not a myth. Excessive compulsive sex, sexual behavior, sexual fantasies and compulsive masturbation is a sign of addiction when it affects one’s daily life. The researchers studied 200 people who were sent to mental clinic for some mental disorders. 134 of […]

‘Sex education’ to be included in West Bengal School syllabi

Sex and sex education is a taboo in south Asia. No one openly talks about sex here. The youngsters often get wrong idea about sex. But sex is part of life like other things. Realizing the fact past Left front government tried to introduce sex education in schools. That project was suspended amid protests from […]

Cabinet approves anti-porn law

The Bangladeshi supervision has authorized a difficult ultimate anti-pornography law which would see offenders locked up for up to 10 years. It is believed to be Bangladesh’s initial law privately targeting a widespread of pornography. The legislation, which is expected to be upheld by parliament, bans creation or offered of any kind of racy material. Those […]

Sex is the most searched by the Pakistanis

Undoubtedly sex and pornography related words are most searched on the internet. But do you know which nation searches sex most on the internet? According to Google trends 2011, not the western world sex is most searched by the Pakistanis and India is in the second position. IP address information from server logs are used […]

Love, sex 3 times more fatal than terrorism

Love and sex lead the heartbroken to kill three times more people than terrorism and political violence put together. The National Crime Records Bureau has compiled statistics about 22 lakh crimes that took place in the country in 2010 that reveals love affairs and sexual causes was the third largest reason for people to kill, […]

Couple has live sex to support daughter

A couple struggling with financial problems performs live sex sessions streamed to a pornography website to pay the bills and support their 20-month-old daughter. They have sex in front of their web camera and broadcast it to Internet users, who pay up to $7 dollarsper minute to watchthem, for several nights a week. Tyler, 24, […]

US women protests comment on short dress issue.

In many cases it is said that women is partially responsible for their sexual harassment including rape. Some recent comments which said that women should wear long dress, and short dress is like invitation to rape were protested by the US women. They gathered in large numbers at Washington and swapped their business suit. They […]

Pregnant mother’s blood test to determine baby sex

There was a time when parents had to wait till birth of the newborn to know whether it is boy or girl. But technology is improved; ultrasound scan now can determine the baby’s sex after 12 weeks of pregnancy. But for some cases it is too long. Because there are some genetic diseases where only […]

Avoid spending for sex to become gentleman!

A new study conducted by ‘Prostitution Research and Educations’ concludes those males who spend money for sex are more likely to be violent against women. It was conducted among 202 men in Boston, separated in couples on the criterion, who spends money for sex and who does not. They were separated on the basis of […]

Sex workers forced to take damaging drug

A poignant series of womanlike sex workers have been forced to take Oradexon, a weight benefit drug, which is really damaging to their health, speakers told discourse yesterday. Female pimps or business force often a teenagers to take a drug so which “they demeanour adult, beautiful, as great as some-more attractive”, they said. Titled “Beyond […]

Feel sexier at 40s

Many people will say 20 years of age is spring of sex life for a girl. And 40 is the beginning of end. But Hollywood actress, director and producer Jennifer Aniston says she feels sexier in her 40s than she did in her 20s. She also feels more confident than before. She was awkward and […]