Spectacular aurora: 'Extreme' solar storm brings celestial light show

Fluctuating magnetic fields associated with geomagnetic storms induce currents in long wires, including power lines, potentially causing blackouts. Long pipelines can also become electrified, causing engineering problems. Spacecraft are also at risk from high doses of radiation, although the atmosphere prevents it from reaching Earth. NASA has a dedicated team overseeing astronaut safety, and can […]

Scientists identify neutron star born from supernova seen in 1987

“After following supernovae and searching for compact objects for more than three decades, it is exciting to finally find the missing evidence for a neutron star,” said lead author Claes Fransson, professor of astrophysics at Stockholm University in Sweden, to JWST. Thank you.” According to the study published in Science Journal. “Neutron stars are extremely […]

America returns spacecraft to the moon, this is the first private sector

The remaining merchandise was sent on behalf of Intuitive Machines' private customers, and includes 125 stainless steel Mini Moons created by artist Jeff Koons. The cargo can last for seven days before lunar night falls, rendering Odysseus inactive. NASA paid Intuitive Machines US$118 million to ship its hardware under a new initiative called Commercial Lunar […]

India launches X-ray Polarimeter satellite to study X-ray emissions from celestial sources. ISRO’s XPoSat mission

Emission mechanisms from various astronomical sources such as black holes, neutron stars, active galactic nuclei, pulsar wind nebulae, etc. arise from complex physical processes and are challenging to understand. The precise nature of the emissions from such sources still poses deep challenges to astronomers. Polarimetry measurements add two more dimensions to the understanding, the degree […]

SpaceX launches secret US military spacecraft on research mission falcon heavy rocket

“These tests include operating reusable spacecraft in new orbital regimes, experimenting with future space domain awareness technologies, and based on NASA-provided materials,” the U.S. Department of the Air Force Rapid Capabilities Office said in a statement last month. “Includes investigating radiation effects.” It said this is the first time that the The size of a […]

Six exoplanets found in synchronous dance around star: clues to our solar system’s formation

Despite not being habitable, they are remarkable in another way: all six planets are precisely coordinated with each other in their orbit. NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) discovered two exoplanets orbiting the star for the first time in 2020. The satellite, known as Exoplanet Hunter, spotted the pair by measuring changes in brightness as […]