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Taslima Nasreen about Sexual issues

Taslima Nasreen, famous Bangladeshi writer has written some personal comment about sexual issues in her Twitter profile. She speaks about gender equality. But these comments show fundamental feminism with most of the interest given to women.

Lets read what she wrote on twitter about sexual issues:

“1.Don’t believe in social myths of menopause. The truth is women enjoy sex after menopause.

2. Rich men enjoying w/ young women is a widespread fact & not a question. The other way round is questioned.

3. Financially independent women who can take very good care of themselves should choose a younger man to enjoy life.

4. It is better for women to have relationships with much younger men

5. Women’s life get destroyed by older men who are mostly boring, bossy, sexually inactive.”

But Taslima’s comment shows some incompleteness in point number 3 and number 4. Say, a 30 year old woman make a relationship with a 25 year man. In the long run, when the woman will be 50 year old the man will be 45 year old. In that condition, woman will have very little sexual capability but the man will still have a very good sexual capability. So, what will the man do then and should he look for another woman? What kind of decision will the independent woman take about her husband? Will she allow the man to marry again or go to prostitution?

In point number 5, Men’s life can also be destroyed by older women who are not sexually active. What is the solution for that condition?




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