Nearly 31 percent of women in climate-vulnerable areas are victims of abuse

Teenage rape victim faces judge’s marriage proposal: A sensitive courtroom dilemma

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After this the judge asked the girl again, “Look behind you. Do you want to marry that old man with the white beard?”

Instead of looking at the accused, the girl looked at her sister. Then some women present in the court said, “How is it possible to marry such a man!”

Addressing the victim, the judge said, “Don’t look at your sister. You have to say it for yourself. Go home and decide for yourself whether you want to marry an accused or not. Your entire future lies ahead. You are still young and you also have a child. If you marry such a person, what will your child say when he grows up? Countless children were born to women who were raped during the liberation war. Did those women marry those rapist Pakistanis?”

At one point, addressing the victim’s sister, the defendants and the plaintiff’s lawyers, Judge Sabera Sultana Khanum said, “The girl’s entire future lies ahead. You should try to find a way to set the girl up in the future. Please do not marry the girl to a rapist. If this girl becomes established in life, it will be an inspiration for other girls.”

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