Teletalk officials abducted and rescued in CHT

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CHT (Chittagong Hill Tracts) became nearly a war zone when Indian intelligence agency backed insurgents started fighting against the Bangladesh government. The Bangladesh army worked hard to take control of the territory. Many innocent civilians and army members were killed by those insurgents. Abduction was a common incident that time. After the peace treaty and arms surrendering by the insurgents the number abduction cases dropped.

In the mean time, mobile phone operators started business in the country. But the army insisted that not all arms are surrendered by the insurgents, mobile phones may pose a security threat in these hilly districts. There hilly districts were exempted from mobile phone operation.

But the interim government thought the security situation has improved and allowed the state owned Teletalk to operate there.

Yesterday five Teletalk employees including an officer were going to Panchhari upazila of Khagrachhari to set up a mobile phone tower. They were abducted by armed group on the way.

Later police, border guard and army conducted an operation and rescued them. It is not known that whether someone is arrested or not. UPDF is blamed for this incident. But an UPDF (United People’s Democratic Front) spokesman denied their involvement.

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