Government fixed the prices of potato, onion, sugar, egg, soybean oil

The Bangladesh government has fixed the retail price of potatoes at 35 to 36 taka per kilogram, although the market price is at 50 taka per kilogram.

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Sohnur Rehman was bargaining for eggs in Palashi market of the capital on a Saturday afternoon. When he was asked for 150 taka per dozen eggs, he told the seller that the government had fixed the price of each egg at 12 taka, so he should not pay 12 and a half taka.

However, the dispute was not resolved and Sohnur Rahman bought a dozen eggs for 150 taka. When asked to comment on the situation, he simply said, “It’s disappointing.”

In response to inquiries about why the seller, Abdul Khaleque, did not sell the eggs at the price set by the government, he told Prothom Alo, “Yesterday, I bought 100 eggs from Tejgaon Egg Farm for 1,140 taka. The wholesale price of each egg is 11.40. It was Taka. Transportation costs are added to this. If an egg is spoiled or broken, those costs should also be considered. Additionally, shop rent, electricity and overhead costs of egg packaging. Total Combined, the “cost per egg” is more than Tk 12.”

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