The importance of female education for Bangladesh

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“What is beautiful and useful in the world are equally done by men women” -said our national poet.And so,female education is very essential in the present socio-economic condition of Bangladesh.There is no denying that man is God’s best creation.It is only for the light of education.God has created man in the best shape and made education compulsory for both men and women irrespective of creed and colour.So everybody has the equal right to obtain the light of education.There is no difference between male and female in this regard. The seeking of knowledge has been made obligatory for men and women -says the prophet.But it is a matter of great regret that some people misinterpret the religion and say that female education is useless and irreligious.They think that the task of women is to cook, wash, rear children and so on.However,it is nothing but conservative outlook which should be shaken off from the brain for the sake of the national development.The importance of female education is beyond measure.Because,there are lost of proverbs in the support of education.One is ‘Education is the backbone of a nation.’Another is ‘knowledge is  power’.To speak the truth,female education  is the barrowmeter of national development.And for this, Napoleon said,’Give me a good mother and I shall give you a good nation’. It is also said that,’The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world’.That is to say,an educated mother rules the whole world.The future of the nation depends on an educated mother completely.In short,an educated woman is a good mother,a good wife and a    good nation- builder.Considering all these,female education should be made  compulsory for all by taking necessary steps.For example,early marriage has to be stoped.Social barriars must be removed.So that the girls can go to the school, college or university without any hindrance by the youth on the way.Female education should be made free up to Master Degree.Quota system in the job must be ensured for the females.Besides,the empowerment of women has to be strengthend.It is a matter of great joy that our govt. has made female education free up to class   ,and there is 15% Quota in the non-gazetted job and 10% in the gazatted job for the women.45 female seats have been reserved in the parliament only for the women.This is a mile stone for the female education,no doubt.

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