Thirteen hundred years old temples found

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DN-archA team lead by archeologist Shahnaz Hossain has discovered two temples near the northern town Panchagarh. These temples are situated at sixteen kilometers away from the Panchagarh town.

Archeologist Shahnaz Hossain has taken his PhD degree from India. His team has been doing excavation work since 2009. More excavation is needed to fully unearth these two temples. Hundreds of enthusiastic men and women are visiting the sites every day.

The temples were built during the sixth or seventh century. It was a fort city and was enjoying administrative sovereignty at that time. This fort city had trade, road and water communication with Sikkim, Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, China, Bihar, West Bengal and Pundra Bardhan. The artifacts found here do not have any similarity to those found in Assam, Koch Bihar, Maynamati, Paharpur and Mahasthangar.

Four walls were built for the defense of the city; outer two walls are mud made and inner two are made by bricks. Moreover trench was built outside the city for its protection.

This site is not declared as heritage site yet. But it is so important from archeological point of view, says Shahnaz Hossain.

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