Thirty two BRTC buses for Dhaka-Narayanganj route.

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Narayanganj district is adjacent to Dhaka, it is possible to reside there even if one’s working place is in the centre of Dhaka. But communication between Dhaka and Narayanganj is a matter great sorrow. So many people like to stay in Dhaka, which creating extra pressure on accommodation and causing rising house rent rising in the city.

There is a rail link between Dhaka and Narayanganj but that is not satisfactory, the track is single lined and trains have limited carriage which is too little compared to demand.

Some years ago there was BRTC bus service on Dhaka-Narayanganj route; no one knows why it was stopped. But it is alleged that private bus owners were behind this.

Recent rise in the fuel price triggered rise in bus fair also. But that created chaotic situation, bus owners demanded 30tk.

Several social organizations said that fair hike was not in line with fuel price hike; they also measured distance on Dhaka-Narayanganj bus route and showed that the distance claimed by the bus owners are higher than the true distance.

They said fair should not be higher than 26 tk, at the end the bus owners agreed at 27 tk. Several social organizations also demanded the resumption of BRTC bus service in the route; they gained huge public support on the issue.

Eventually the authority agreed to run BRTC buses in the route again. Yesterday thirty two buses launched, 17 of them are air conditioned. Fair for ac buses are 34 tk and non ac fair is 27 tk. Many will be disappointed because they hoped relatively lower fair in BRTC buses. Two buses will carry only female passengers.

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