'This election is not a good omen for democracy'

‘This election is not a good omen for democracy’

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prothom hello,

Do you want to say that Bangladesh is continuously moving towards violence?

We have seen the rule of Ayub Khan. The accused in the Agartala case faced extreme repression at that time. But apart from that, I don’t remember much torture during Pakistan rule. I was in the front line of the 1969 mass revolt and I do not remember such torture. Have we suddenly become so bad, cruel and devoid of morality? Have those friends, relatives and neighbors with whom we used to hang out and chat at tea shops, become so unbearable to each other? In fact, all institutions have broken down, whether social, legal or state institutions. No rules or laws are being followed. The institutions of this country are in bad condition. You will find similarities with the book Why Nations Fail by Daron Acemgolu and James A. Robinson. No one will benefit from what is going on. Everyone will have to suffer.

prothom hello,

Since the BNP’s mega rally on 28th October, BNP leaders and workers are being arrested on various charges. Since that day, BNP has been conducting hartal (general strike) and blockade. The response was not that good. Did BNP have no other option?

History shows that it is public rebellion that helps overcome such a situation. But this is not happening. The people who are to lead the rebellion were themselves once in power and when they were in power they also made some mistakes. People are not able to trust them completely. But even if they don’t have that confidence, people are still angry. Anger is dangerous. An explosion can occur at any moment. This will not do any good to the country. Whatever happens, the country has moved forward amid mistakes and irregularities. But now it may be difficult to move forward. Bangladesh was once called a bottomless basket, yet it performed miracles. But now that miracle is about to reverse.

prothom hello,

There has been talk of a possible famine from the top levels of the government.

What has happened in the country? We have to import onions from India. We have been hearing for a long time that we have achieved self-sufficiency in food. Then we heard that we have to import rice also. The food situation is not good anywhere in the world. We also do not have sufficient foreign exchange reserves. Therefore the possibility of famine cannot be completely dismissed. There was a time when it was said that there would never be a famine again in Bangladesh. Now the Prime Minister is talking about famine. This is worrisome. In such a situation, it is necessary to gather all the forces together. But where is any effort to do so?

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