'This is what happens if your parents are famous'

‘This is what happens if your parents are famous’

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Unless he has some special business, he spends most of his days with his daughter. He himself drops and brings his daughter to school. After all, his daily routine revolves around his daughter.

He said, “My entire day revolves around my daughter. She goes to sleep early so I make sure I reach home before her. Issues related to my daughter are my first priority. The last four years have been going on like this.”

“It so happened that I worked less even when I thought that if I did that project, I would not be able to spend much time with my daughter. When I thought that I would be away from my daughter, I started feeling reluctant. “I don’t get involved in a project unless I really like it.”

“This is a complex era. When my daughter grows up, she will want independence. She probably won’t be that close to me anymore. It is important to spend these years with my daughter,” he said.

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