TK 922B snatched from banking sector: CPD

TK 922B snatched from banking sector: CPD

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CPD Executive Director Fahmida Khatoon briefed the media on the current economic crises and possible solutions, while Distinguished Fellow Mustafizur Rahman, Research Director Khondakar Golam Moazzam and Senior Research Fellow Taufiqul Islam answered media questions.

According to CPD, various metrics including non-performing loans of the banking sector have seen a steady decline over the last 15 years. The amount withdrawn from banks during this period is about 2 percent of the country’s current gross domestic product (GDP).

A reporter tried to find out how much money was looted from banks and injected into the economy and how much was laundered abroad. In response, the CPD Executive Director said that he did not have any specific data in this regard and that the central bank does not disclose any specific information.

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