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Traffic jam in the Dhaka city

Traffic jam is not an    uncommon phenomenon our country,especially in the Dhaka city.Traffic jam, by definition,is the huddling up

of too many vehicles in specific place of a highway or in a street,with the result that the vehicles clogg  up,so to say,and cannot

move ahead.This creates a great problem.People who are busy on urgent business miss their  timetable.In the morning,for example

many people fail to attend their workplaces in time.The transportation of goods get delayed.Perhaps the worst  consequence is

suffered  by patients being carried to hospitals or clinics.The mental and physical sufferings,too, are no less important.Rickshawpullers and baby-taxi drivers,who usually live from hand to mouth,undergo a great suffering for the loss

of their time .but not that it happens in all the time.Again,not that only the street conditions and rule-violating behaviour of drivers cause it.

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