RUET: Appoint VC immediately to end academic impasse

Train sabotage incident: Questions, blame and investigation Breaking News

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It is the responsibility of the government to protect people’s lives and properties. Holding the opposition responsible in every incident without any evidence is a sign of unhealthy politics. Then the political parties running anti-government movements will also have to understand the difference between agitation and sabotage. At the same time, they also have to remain maximum alert so that no one can carry out sabotage activities by centering their strike and blockade programs which they are organizing to fulfill their demands.

Both government and politics are for the welfare of the people. Meanwhile, killing people and destroying properties by vandalizing them are heinous crimes. Those involved in these crimes must be brought to justice. The opposition has demanded a judicial inquiry. We believe that no matter how the investigation is conducted, this case requires a fair and credible investigation. And the government will have to ensure this.

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