The Doctor killed his driver and drowns the dead body into burning Acid.

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Yes, readers, A Doctor killed his driver due to illegal relation with the wife. The guilty confession that he wants to murder of his driver for long days, that’s why he makes a preplan. The doctor also reserves Acid and essentials things. Doctor’s driver involved to an illegal relationship to Doctor’s wife and driver Birendro Pachauri (30) threat the doctor for keeping a distance from his wife. This excited issue Doctor can’t tolerate. As a result, he has killed the driver Birendra. Then cut the dead body and fall into acid for vanishing evidence. The guilty Doctors name is Shunil Monty who is 56 years old. He is a famous orthopedic doctor. This dreadful incident happened in Hosangabad, India.
Driver lives at Doctors house as duty purpose. In this opportunity, Doctor murdered of driver Birendro by cutting his throat. After that convict cut off the body into many pieces in the purpose of drowning into Acid. But he was a failure because “sin never leaves the father”.
Police Super Arbindo Saksyna said Police arrange an expedition to Doctors house at Tuesday and arrest the criminal from there. Police saw Doctor Shunil Montri couldn’t answer properly. So that Police got confusion, then Police team entered the room and saw the blooding floor. After that convict, Shunil acknowledges his fault through asking.
It’s mentioned that the central character of this incident Dr. Shunil’s wife was fugitive till then.

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