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Tunisian women doing ‘Sex Jihad’

sex_jihadTunisian women are visiting Syria to help the Syrian rebels. Syrian civil war has turned into a sectarian conflict. Sunni Islamists are fighting to oust Shia dominated Assad government. Many Sunni clerics are terming it as a jihad.

According to Tunisian interior minister, about a thousand Tunisian young men have joined the war against Assad regime. But they need some sort of comfort. So, Tunisian women are going there to have sex with the fighters.

These women believe they are doing jihad though they are not doing jihad with guns. They are having relationships with 20, 30 and even 100 fighters. This is called ‘jihad al-nikah’, by doing this they are divorcing just after sex and marrying another jihadist.

Some clerics are supporting this and saying it is allowed in Islam.

But it is not clear that how many women became pregnant and came back with children of jihadist. The  Tunisian interior minister Lotfi ben Jeddou has said, his government has prevented six thousand young Tunisians from joining the Syrian war.

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