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TV publisher integrate found murdered in Dhaka home

ATN Bangla comparison contributor Meherun Runi as well as her father as well as headlines editor of Maasranga Television Sagar Sarwar, were stabbed to genocide during their Paschim Rajabajar chateau in a collateral a little time Friday night.ATN Bangla sources pronounced bodies of Runi as well as her father Sagar, carrying outlines of gash as well as alternative injuries, were recovered from their room upon Saturday morning.

Family sources pronounced dual group entered their prosaic infrequently during night as well as stabbed a integrate to genocide after restraining up their hands as well as legs. Their usually son Megh, 7, who was defunct in an additional room when a incident occurred, first found his kin fibbing passed in a sunrise as well as supportive his parents mother by telephone, reports said.

The parents mother as well as alternative kin rushed to a chateau as well as supportive troops who additionally went to a scene. The couple’s repelled publisher as well as alternative colleagues from ATN Bangla as well as Machranga additionally arrived upon conference a unsettled news.
The categorical doorway of their prosaic was found sealed from inside though a griddle of a kitchen was found cut.

Police, who began an evident review in to a marvellous murder, consider which it competence be a programmed murder. But it was not nonetheless certain about a ground of a murder.

DMP Commissioner Benzir Ahmed, along with comparison troops as well as comprehension group officers, additionally visited a chateau as well as positive to move a culprits to book during a earliest.

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