Two rice mill workers killed by boiler explosion

rice_millRice is the staple food of Bangladesh and people of the Indian subcontinent like boiled rice. This is why rice is boiled and then dried before marketing. Some technological improvements in recent years have made the work little easier. Still it is a laborious process and fuel consumption has been a concern.

Nutritionists have been arguing that nutritional value is decreased by the boiling process. We should eat non boiled rice like the people of the eastern countries. But Bangladeshi’s continued preference on boiled rice has flourished auto rice mills in the country.

This auto rice mill technology used locally is not safe. Loss of life and injury due to boiler explosion is not uncommon.

Shafi Uddi and Aslam Hossain becomes the latest victim of rice mill explosion. This two was killed by boiler explosion in a rice mill at Dakbangla bazaar of Jhenaidah district yesterday. Two other workers of the mill was injured critically and rushed to sadar hospital. Two dead bodies were taken to sadar hospital for postmortem. Local fire station official opined that the boiler exploded due to shortage of water inside it.

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