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Two road accidents of the city spark violent protest

Morjina Begum was a cleaner of Moghbazar Grand Plaza Shopping Mall. She died on the spot yesterday when a Gazipur-bound bus of Provati-Banasree Paribahan ran over her. Before that she was knocked down by another bus coming from the same direction. This happened near Moghbazar telephone office. A mob torched the bus of Provati-Banasree Paribahan and later torched another one of the same bus company coming from the same direction. The driver and helper of the buses managed to flee. The mob also blocked the road for about one hour.

In a separate incident a student of Stamford University was hit by a Dhoopkhola bound bus in Dhanmondi. A rumor spread out that he (the student) is dead. Students of the university came out and vandalized about twenty vehicles. Later it was confirmed by the assistant proctor of the university that he (the student) is out of danger.

There are many allegations against bus owners that they do not appoint well trained drivers and they often appoint underage drivers for their vehicles. Bus drivers of the city are notorious for their high speed and reckless driving.

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