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Ukrainian female soldiers to wear high heels instead of army boots

Ukraine became an independent state 30 years ago, after the fall of the mighty Soviet Union. On August, 24 it will celebrate 30 years of independence, and to mark this day Ukrainian defense ministry is going to arrange a military parade where female soldiers of the army will also take part. More than thirteen thousand female soldiers fought during the recent conflict regarding the Crimea issue, which sparked tension with Russia.

This country has more than thirty-one thousand women in the armed forces, and more than four thousand of them are officers. The current debate sparked when some photos of the rehearsal parade emerged. Female soldiers were seen wearing high heels instead of army boots. Opposition political leaders have termed this as a sexist move and humiliating to female soldiers. Instead of high heels, the authority should consider specially designed body armor for female soldiers, opposition leaders said.

A news release from the defense ministry said it is going to purchase experimental models for the upcoming parade to mark 30 years of independence.

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