UN adopts Bangladesh resolution on culture of peace

UN adopts Bangladesh resolution on culture of peace

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In 1999, during the first term of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, the Bangladesh delegation led inter-governmental negotiations to adopt the Declaration and Program of Action, which identified eight areas of action to promote a culture of peace and non-violence. of.

While presenting the resolution, Ambassador Muhith highlighted the continued relevance of the culture of peace as the world faces increasing conflicts and abuses of human dignity.

He said, “To reverse this trend, we must reawaken the brighter and more harmonious capacities of the human mind, foster equality and respect for the equal worth of all human beings; and most importantly, we must end war. “Peace must be made more profitable than.”

The President of the General Assembly has been requested to convene a one-day high-level forum to commemorate and celebrate the 25th anniversary in a grand manner.

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