UNESCO to recognize Bangladeshi rickshaw art as 'intangible heritage'  Breaking News

UNESCO to recognize Bangladeshi rickshaw art as ‘intangible heritage’ Breaking News

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While only 17 people caught shrimp this way in 2013, 200 people now go out into the waves at the right time of year on horseback, dragging shrimp nets behind them, says Otton.

Indonesia says inscription on the UNESCO list of the noken, a knotted or woven bag made by Papua people to carry everyday items and even to replace fishing nets, should better preserve the handicraft. Provided “powerful incentives” to do so.

Venezuela says protection of the identity and worldview of the Mapoyo people has increased since their oral traditions were added to the list in 2014.

Traditions that need to be protected this year include traditional Syrian glassblowing, Turkish olive farming and Mek Mulung, an all-male performance art from Malaysia.

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