Unhealthy snacks increase risk of stroke, heart disease

Unhealthy snacks increase risk of stroke, heart disease

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Unhealthy snacks are linked to higher BMI, visceral fat mass and postprandial triglyceride concentrations, all of which are linked to metabolic diseases such as obesity, stroke and heart disease.

Your health may also depend on when you eat breakfast. Research has shown that having breakfast after 9:00 pm was associated with blood indicators that were worse than at any other time. Breakfast at this time typically consists of calorie-dense, high-fat and sugar items.

Kate Birmingham, of King’s College London and senior scientist at ZOE, said: “This study contributes to the existing literature that food quality is a driving factor in positive health outcomes from food. Making sure we eat a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, proteins and legumes is the best way to improve your health.

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