Up to 12 years of imprisonment proposed for killing tiger or elephant. (Part-I)

There was a time when kings and landlords hunted bears or tigers. It was their recreation. Even government encouraged deforestation, because at that time government wanted more farmland.

Time has changed, now experts are concerned about the conservation biodiversity. Herbs and wild life are in danger, Many species are gone any many more are on the verge of extinction.

Many youngsters would say, the earth is for mankind. Do we need to conserve other species?

Answer is simple, our survival on the earth depends on the survival of other specifies. We know the history of penicillin and how it was invented. Anti cancer drug also come from herbs.

Many high yield verities of rice are made from other traditional verities by using genetic engineering.

If biodiversity is lost our food security and new drug inventing will be hampered.

Environmental activists have been urging the government of Bangladesh for strict law to save wild life.

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