Upazila president: Poor country, rich public representative

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TIB Executive Director Iftekharuzzaman was right when he said that the activities of public representatives should be focused on public interest. But in reality this is not the case. Nowadays, when power-centric public representatives get a chance to come to power, they also get an open opportunity to accumulate wealth.

We have been raising concerns that as the local government structure is weakening, the wealth amassed by elected representatives is increasing. This shows that the profits of local government are going directly to a few individuals and groups. The larger population is getting almost nothing.

The balance of power in local government institutions that existed when inclusive elections were held with the participation of all parties and groups has also disappeared in the last decade. Local government institutions formed through one-sided elections are functioning arbitrarily.

In many ways, the line between the ruling party and local government institutions is blurring. This is extremely dangerous not only for local government but also for the overall administrative system.

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