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Uproar in Jahangirnagar University: Demand to withdraw expulsion of student leaders

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A group of student league leaders-activists in various public universities, including Jahangirnagar University, are accused of terrorist activities, but no action is taken against them. There have also been instances of students erasing graffiti of the Student Union and other student organizations to create new graffiti, and university officials were seen to have no role in these matters. The Jahangirnagar University administration was passive in preventing rape and other wrongdoings on campus, but they overreacted by expelling two student union leaders.

Student organizations continue to protest on the campus against the suspension of two student union leaders. University Teachers Network, alumni leaders and eminent citizens also issued statements demanding revocation of the expulsions.

We also agree with them and we say that the suspension order of two student union leaders Amartya Ray and Riddha Anindya Ganguly should be withdrawn. It is not the job of the university administration to hinder the academic activities of two students on trivial grounds. Make such arrangements that they can continue their educational activities.

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