US criticizes Israel's use of American weapons in Gaza conflict

US criticizes Israel's use of American weapons in Gaza conflict

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UN agencies said Israeli military operations around Rafah are already having a serious impact on Gaza civilians.

The United Nations said more than 100,000 people, many of whom have already been displaced from other areas of Gaza, have fled Rafah this week.

Many have returned to the city of Khan Yunis, where there was intense fighting earlier this year, or have gathered in shelters along the coast in the central city of Deir al-Balah.

Displaced civilian Malek al-Zaza said he found “no food” and “no water” in the Nussirat refugee camp in central Gaza.

“No one is asking about us, no one is looking for us… only God is looking for us,” he said.

The Rafah crossing, which Israeli troops closed on Tuesday, is the only crossing normally used for fuel deliveries, and the United Nations said a shortage of stocks inside Gaza was hampering aid agency operations. has been properly stopped.

COGAT, the Israeli Defense Ministry body responsible for Palestinian civil affairs, said it had delivered 200,000 liters of fuel to Gaza using a separate crossing on Friday.

The United Nations says that much is needed daily to keep aid trucks running and hospital generators running.

The Israeli military said four soldiers were killed when an “explosive device” went off near a school in Gaza City on Friday.

Israeli military losses in the Gaza campaign have reached 271 since the beginning of the ground offensive on 27 October.

An Israeli civilian was wounded in the southern city of Beersheba in a rocket attack from Gaza, the army said. It was the first time since December that the city was hit by a Palestinian rocket attack.

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