US investigating whether Ukraine war documents were leaked

US investigating whether Ukraine war documents were leaked

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The US Justice Department has launched an investigation into the possible release of Pentagon documents posted on several social media sites detailing US and NATO aid to Ukraine, but passed off as part of a misinformation campaign. can be changed or used.

The documents, which were posted on sites such as Twitter, are labeled secret and are similar to regular updates that the US military’s Joint Staff would produce daily but not distribute publicly. They are dated February 23 to March 1, and provide details on the progress of weapons and equipment going to Ukraine in more precise timing and quantities than the US typically provides publicly.

They are not war plans and they do not provide any details on any planned Ukraine offensive. And some inaccuracies — including estimates of the deaths of Russian troops that are far lower than numbers publicly stated by US officials — have led some to question the documents’ authenticity.

Pentagon spokeswoman Sabrina Singh said in a statement Friday that the Defense Department has made a “formal reference” of the matter to the Justice Department for investigation. And the Justice Department said in a separate statement Friday, “We are in contact with the Department of Defense regarding this matter and have launched an investigation.”

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