US, UK air strikes hit Yemen after weeks of attacks in the Red Sea

US, UK air strikes hit Yemen after weeks of attacks in the Red Sea

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Heavy US and British air strikes early Friday targeted targets in rebel-held Yemen, following weeks of disruptive attacks on Red Sea shipping by Iran-backed Houthi forces.

The Houthi rebels’ al-Masirah TV station said the attacks targeted an airbase, airports and a military camp, with AFP correspondents and witnesses also reporting bombings.

“Our country was attacked by a large-scale offensive by American and British ships, submarines and warplanes,” Houthi Deputy Foreign Minister Hussein al-Ezzi said, according to official rebel media.

“The United States and Britain must be prepared to pay a heavy price and face all the serious consequences of this blatant aggression,” he said.

Unverified photos on social media, some purportedly from al-Deylami airbase north of Sanaa, showed explosions in the sky accompanied by loud bangs and the roar of planes.

US President Joe Biden called the American and British strikes “defensive actions” following the Red Sea attacks, and said he would “not hesitate” to order further military action if needed.

Several US media outlets said the attacks involved fighter jets and Tomahawk missiles. US officials did not immediately confirm the reports when contacted by AFP.

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