Vacate dormitories within 15 days of final exam: Islamic University

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Ragging or bullying has been a concern in Bangladeshi university and college dormitories. It’s not only slapping or rebuking. There are many cases of violence. In many cases students were hospitalized. Some students couldn’t complete their course because of the trauma. A university student in Dhaka was beaten to death in the beginning of the month.
Accommodation is another concern. In most cases educational institutions don’t have adequate space for accommodating all students. So in most cases first year students don’t get opportunity to stay in dormitories. Some political groups have established their authority. They decide which student will stay on dormitories. In many cases student leaders stay in dormitories even after completing their courses.
As a result genuine students are being deprived. In a recent move, Islamic University in Kushtia authority has instructed that students have to vacate their seats in dormitories within 15 days after master’s final examination. Then the authority will allocate seat to junior batch on merit basis.
After an emergency meeting university vice chancellor also said, authority will take stern action if any student found bullying another student.

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