Vaccine diplomacy, Russia and China are taking the upper hand

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The present Covid-19 pandemic may shift the powerhouse from west to east, it was the prediction by many analysts. It seems they were right. Vaccine is the only weapon to battle the present pandemic and getting the vaccine has become harder than getting a nuclear weapon. Rich countries are vaccinating their citizens, poorer countries are left behind. One billion doses are pushed worldwide but only 0.2% are given to poor nations.

The USA has been busy with vaccinating its own citizens, UK has blocked the production of oxford AstraZeneca vaccine in poorer countries. Only limited factories around the world were given the authorization to produce the oxford AstraZeneca vaccine.

India committed to supply vaccines to WHO and many other countries. They even sent complementary doses to many countries. But India has failed to keep their promise, they stopped vaccine supply without any prior notice. That has made the second dose uncertain in many countries. India didn’t supply vaccine to its archrival Pakistan, now Pakistan is offering help to India so that it can battle the worst pandemic situation in the world. It’s been a complete failure of Indian vaccine diplomacy.

On the other hand, Russia and China have come forward, they are supplying Sputnik V and Sinovac vaccine. They are even allowing local production around the world which the UK didn’t allow. Russia and China’s ability and political will to help poorer countries has brought these two countries closer to poorer countries.

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Shihab Uddin Ahmed

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